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  • SmarterMarks assesses on your defined learning goals.

    Assign one or more topics to each question, and SmarterMarks generates topic scores for your students. Students are given specific areas for improvement, and teachers are given a more thorough picture of their classes' understanding.
  • SmarterMarks analyzes student responses,

    because your students aren't the only ones learning from your assessments. Our online application performs a detailed analysis of each assessment and generates a simple, easy-to-use report summarizing the results. Learn which questions – and which topics – students had the most difficulty with. Refine multiple choice tests to include better distractors. Spot collusion with an advanced analysis that gives you quantitative indicators you can act on.
  • SmarterMarks is robust.

    No more worries for students about whether they have used the right pencil (or a pencil at all), or have completely erased a mark. And because SmarterMarks doesn't rely on registration marks, empty space on a form can become work space for students. Feeling creative? Use the extra space yourself, or paste the response section at the bottom of a short assessment.
  • SmarterMarks is fast.

    With the copiers found in most schools, assessments can be scanned and emailed as quickly as they can be printed. And with an online application that processes forms in less than a second per page, better assessment doesn't have to mean less time for everything else.
  • SmarterMarks does not require special forms or readers,

    so you don't have to pay fees for machine rental, or buy expensive forms. Print your own forms using our online tools, and scan them using the equipment you already have. But it's about more than saving money. With our online application, lay out your response forms to make them clearer, and score multi-page forms as easily as a 15-question quiz.
  • SmarterMarks supports several answer formats,

    because your method of assessment should never be limited by the tools you use. Include selection and numeric response questions (in decimal or scientific notation) as easily as multiple choice, without the need for additional forms.

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Build assessments quickly with our easy but versatile web application.

Keep track of your assessments with a feature-rich filing system.

Print custom forms using a variety of multiple choice and numeric response formats.

Analyze student responses to get the feedback you need...

... and the feedback your students need.

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